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Alabama Joint Purchasing Agreement for Technology

NJPA Contracts

PACA Contracts

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TCPN/NIPA Contracts


US Communities Contracts

PACA Contracts

Username: jeffersonco1

Password: jefcoed01

NJPA Contracts

School Health - Health Supplies
NJPA Contract #071212-SHC
Stephanie Burton, Territory Manager

(Main)  630-339-7980
(Cell)     630-450-3657
(Office) 866-323-5465

TCPN/NIPA Contracts

Athletic/PE Equipment - BSN Sports/US Games 

Physical/Athletic Equipment,  National IPA #R160701

Contact Brad Ciesielski for a quote:
Brad Ciesielski, BSN Sports Contract Manager
1901 Diplomat Drive 
Dallas, TX 75234
1-800-527-7510 Ext 9049 or

Capstone (Books)
TCPN Contract R5214

5% off list price.  Send PO's to
Doug Smith, Proposal Specialist    
Capstone/Coughlan Companies -BD Vendor #5113

Frey Science Supplies and Equipment TCPN #R140101

TCPN Contract #R140101 (School Specialty)
28% Discount from catalog price/Free Shipping  
Elementary Catalog K-5th Grade:


Lakeshore Learning Materials - TCPN

TCPN R141604
5% discount, Free shipping
Lakeshore Learning

Send Orders to:
Tery Amaya,, , Fax:800-537-5403

Bid Name: School Supplies
Contract # R141604 (Please reference “Per TCPN contract R141604” on your orders)

Contract Term: 2/1/2015 – 1/31/2018
Terms: 5% discount, no minimum / free shipping over $500

Lakeshore contract information on TCPN website:

TCPN customized Lakeshore website:

Orders: Order Department,
Tery Amaya, P: (800) 421-5354 ext. 2986 ¦ F: (310) 537-7990

Lightspeed Technologies

Lightspeed Technologies – Classroom Audio Systems & Technology

TCPN R131705, NJPA 021412-LTI, TIPS #01-121914, Audio Visual Equipment & Supplies

To order or receive additional information contact 1-800-732-8999 or

22-32% off List prices for audio systems, depending on volume.

22% off List for parts & accessories.

Freeshippingvia UPS Ground Service within the contiguous United States, with no minimum order. If a Customer requests expeditedshipping, Customer pays the difference between Ground and the expedited service.

Online catalogue:

NOTE: Online webstore cannot process contract pricing and benefits, such as free shipping. Your best (CONTRACT) pricing and terms are available by contacting Lightspeed.



Lowe's #R142104- Hardware/Maintenance/Lawn Equipment & Supplies

Office Depot - TCPN #R141703, Office Supplies, Furniture, Technology, Electronics & Print Services

Playground Equipment - TCPN #R5203

Hammill Recreation (TCPN Contract #R5203)
Playground Systems, Installation, Service and Related Items)
Angela Collins, 205-706-3993

Mackin Educational Resources (Books)
TCPN R5218
Herbie Thorpe,
985-807-7545, 1-800-245-9540
5% off website pricing,
Board Vendor #9478

School Specialty - TCPN R141608

School Specialty offers a variety of school items and furnishings in addition to the following brands/catalog:

Abilitation - Special Needs
Brodhead Garrett - Career Technical Eduaction
Sportime - Physical Education
Frey - Science Equipment

Go to
Jefferson County Login: district123
Jefferson County Password: district123 (lowercase)

Free Freight for all on parcel orders over $49.00 (items beginning with7 or 9). Delivery - 7-10 days after receipt of PO - Furniture order may take 4-6 weeks depending on item.

Freight will be added at the end of your cart order if you are purchasing items that require freight or do not meet the minimum order.

Kay Flood, 

Super Duper Publications TCPN R150706

SUPER DUPER PUBLICATIONS - TCPN Contract R150706 Pricing on web is current TCPN pricing
Free Shipping for orders OVER $75.00
Flat Rate $7.50 for orders under $75.00

Contact Marisa Chopp,
1-800-277-8737 ext. 129

US Communities Contracts
 Gopher Sport 

Physical/Athletic Equipment, US Communities #16-SRD-010

Contact:  Doug Satre, Regional Sales Manager,, Phone:  855-500-2756, Fax: 507-446-2284

11% off items in catalog with the exception of "Only from Gopher" items.  Free Shipping on all non truck items and 8% on truck items.  Delivery on all stock items are 3-4 days.


Deep Restroom Cleaning Services - Cintas #12-JLH-011C

Dust/Wet Mop, Towel Weekly Services - Cintas #12-JLH-011C

Home Depot #05091 - Maintenance/Hardware Supplies & Lawn Equipment

Playground Equipment - US Communities #110179

J.A.Dawson (US Communities Contract #110179)
Craig Struthers, 

Computer Parts & Accessories/Interactive Items/Electronics CDW-G

CDW-G carries computer parts and supplies and electronics. (Reference the ALJP or NJPA)

Contact Ted Kus below for questions and quote requests:
Ted Kus,
K-12 Account Manager | CDW-G
120 S. Riverside Plz. Fifth Floor | Chicago, IL., 60606
Toll Free: 877-655-1830|Fax: 312-752-4298


ETA Hand2Mind

ETA HAND2MIND, TIPS Contract 4102314/2111915
15% Off catalog pricing, Free Shipping - No minimum order
Julie Law, Educational Sales Consultant, 800-455-5985 ext#5106

Music In Motion 
TIPS #3052215 6% + S/H -
TIPS #2111915 0% + Free Shipping
Kristi Graham,
800-445-0649 ext. 126
Reference the Tips contract # on each order

Really Good Stuff TIPS 3062515

(3% off website pricing, plus shipping)

In regards to requesting a quote please email Jamie Markham, jmarkham@reallygoodstuff.comor fax 203-268-8120.

Indicate the TIPS Contract #3062515 on the purchase order.
Please also reference account #0024408.

Jamie Markham
Really Good Stuff
Account Manager
(P) 855-974-7445
(F) 203-268-8120

The Library Store
Tips Contract 1121914 Audio Visual Equipment
Tips Contract 2111915 Classroom Supplies/Materials

10-20% on most items.  $50.00 Minimum Order to receive Free Shipping.
Call Shayla Hill, 800-548-7204,  to request a quote

Reference TIPSTAPS to receive contract pricing 

Constructive Playthings TIPS Contract 2111915

Constructive Playthings TIPS Contract 2111915

Discount of 15% from Constructive Playthings Catalog
Jordan Bryant/Vicky Cass,
toll free 800-448-5543fax 816-761-8225

All items marked with the symbol * F.O.B. Factory are excluded from this discount.

F.O.B. SHIPPING POINT: There will be “free freight” on orders of $200.00 or more of U.P.S. size items (these are all items NOT marked with a “l” that denotes a “truck shipped” item). There will be “free freight” on orders of $550.00 or more if there is one or more items marked “l” that denotes truck shipment. The “l” mark is in the catalog following the price of the truck shipped items. All items marked with the symbol “*” F.O.B., Factory are excluded from this free freight offer.

Discount must be shown on the face of the order.
Order must be marked “#8315JB”.
Minimum order amount $25.00.

This discount is for the Constructive Playthings Catalog only; all other catalogs,Sale Flyer items (items that begin with XX-), items on clearance or otherwise discounted, and other offers are excluded.