ManageBac Plan Cheat Sheet

ManageBac Plan Cheat Sheet

How to complete the Plan portion of Manage Bac for IBIS Registration

Your courses must be input into ManageBac correctly so that you can be registered for your IB exams.  This is extremely important and must be done correctly.  You will be registered for the wrong test and will not be able to get your IB Diploma if this is not done correctly and you will be assessed the fee for late registrations ($150+).

Go to ManageBac;

Log in – use your email address and password.  You received an email from ManageBac about how to sign in if you had not previously set up your account. Make sure your demographic info is correct – name, preferred name, birth date, language, nationality, race, lunch; proficiency; make sure IB Diploma button is clicked; hit “Save”

Go to DPManager at the top of the page

Click on Plans

Select Grade 12

Select courses –

Language and Literature  – Choose - English HL –  Literature (HL)  Confirm Subject

Language Acquisition – Choose Language;  SL option, then select B or ab initio (only with less than 4years) Confirm Subject

Individuals and Societies – Choose - History  HL, button will say Americas Confirm Subject

Sciences – Choose - Biology , HL  Confirm Subject

Mathematics – If you are in Mrs. Sahawneh’s class choose Mathematics SL.  Confirm Subject

                      If you are in Mr. G’s class choose Mathematical  Studies SL. Confirm Subject

Arts/Electives – If you are using your score from the test you took last year, click the small box that says “Apply anticipated exam”.  If you are not using the score from the test you took last year, put in the new course you are taking this year, for example, psychology would go here. If you are taking IBES, it will go here; these are all SL.  Confirm Subject

 Extended Essay Topic – VERY IMPORTANT- Choose the correct topic or it could cost you your IB Diploma Confirm Subject

 Then Save Changes.

 This should be completed by October 24, 2016. 

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